Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Be the light - bright and white;
To charm in the night with the sunlight.

Be the hive - home it up with nectar;
To make it sweet with the toiling bees. 

Be the rose - with those bright petals;
Looking into the sun with the morning dew.

Be the honey - Don't get caged in the hive;
Be kind and fresh but only for the rose. 

Be the bee - Don't be strayed by the light;
Know your hive and the taste of the honey.

Be the song - Fluttering through the wings;
For the rose while trading ambrosia with the poem.

Be the Queen Bee - And play the song;
With 52 White bees and 36 Black bees. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Poetry Café

In the land of thousand Haikus
We hop from one island to another
Swimming across the time and space.

We started running for the moment
Not for women, people or opponent
But for love, respect and commitment.

We dreamt of the free will
For that we honed our own skill
With Poetry, experience and travel-pill.

With stories from Germany to Jordan
Pulling ourselves from the domestic burden
Across the stars of Eilat until the Morning Sun.

The beautiful Sopot, we will ever cherish
Of the Bollywood Café and the people, so rich
For a while we asked the wanderlust heart to switch.

To find our soul’s calling in the words
A verse in the head first lingers
While we make the pen from our fingers.

With some Haikus and some mysteries
Just within our sweet mind territories
We make a thousand beautiful stories.


Monday, May 2, 2016

The Name

Courageous and devoted. Her life.

Dreamy and powerful. Her eyes.

Unflinching beliefs. Stronger values.

Like Mother. Like Daughter.

For a character. True to her mirror.

I wished her with a Name.

In future, she'll flame the fame.

I blessed her. And she smiled.